Jojoba Oil

A pure natural oil, most like our own body oil, which is quickly absorbed by the skin. Processed from the Arizona desert plant Jojoba is excellent as a moisturiser, or massaged onto dry scalp, dry skin or nail cuticles. For really dry skin, add 1/3 oz to any 8 oz product.
Vitamin E

Natural E is said to promote healing and slow the aging process of the skin cells. Our vitamin E oil is 15,000 I.U. per ounce. Add to your favorite body lotion or oil, or massage directly on the skin.
Skin Nourishment Oil

This nourishing blend of sesame, jojoba and macadamia nut oils, blended exclusively for us, is excellent in the bath or after. Works well as a spray on body oil. Heavier fragrances work best.

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